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Industrial Brush Processing Design Company introduces the classification and use of cleaning machine

Release date:2019-04-10

The brush roller is one of the most widely used industrial brush products. As the name implies, it is a brush roller and other related brush rollers that are assembled on industrial equipment for cleaning. To sum up, the cleaning brush roller is divided into two categories: one is the glass washer brush roller, and the other is the fruit and vegetable washing machine brush roller. The two types of brush rollers have different materials selection and processing techniques due to different environments. Today, the industrial brush processing design company introduces you to these two cleaning machine brush rollers.


First, the glass washer brush roller


1. The main types of products include washing machine brush roller, edging machine brush, PP, PU, PVC, PVA absorbent sponge roller.


2, glass washing machine brush roller, roller shaft is generally selected 45# round steel, the brush is mostly nylon material, acid and alkali resistant. If you need to add acid cleaning glass cleaning line, you must use all stainless steel brush roller to prevent corrosion. Generally, the strip brush is used to make a strip brush and then spirally welded on the roller shaft; the water absorption roller adopts high density hydrophilicity. Made of molecular sponge, it has good water absorption and fast drying. It is used to quickly absorb water droplets on the glass surface.


Second, fruit and vegetable washing machine brush roller


1, the product has a vegetable cutter brush, meat remover brush, mushroom cleaning machine brush, hair to miscellaneous peeling machine brush, washing machine brush, bean, garlic peeling machine brush, oil press brush.


2, fruit, vegetables and other industrial production, the use of nylon brush roller for a variety of fruit, carrots and other agricultural crops, the brush silk compression resistance, good elasticity, but can not scratch the fruits and vegetables. The food machinery brush material uses PA6, PA66, 611, 612, 010 wire, etc., the roller core uses 45# round steel or stainless steel parts, injection molding, and implants high temperature resistant nylon brush wire for cleaning the surface of the fruit and waxing the surface. The bristles are mostly made of anti-bacterial nylon 1010, which is resistant to temperature and wear, and the brush wire does not bend back and does not lint.


  3, food brush roller is widely used in various vegetables, fruits before the preservation of machinery, peeling, pesticide residues and other effects. The surface of the brush roller can be undulated as needed, and the two brush rollers corresponding to the concave and convex are grouped for easy cleaning and better cleaning effect.

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