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Introduction of industrial brushes: What are the application areas of industrial brushes?

Release date:2019-05-09

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the technical equipment of various industries is constantly being updated, and of course, industrial brushes with more and more mature technologies are also included. Today, Yongchangxing will introduce you to the industrial brush.

Industrial brushes generally consist of metal shafts, brush attachments (plastic tubes, nylon tubes, etc.) and brush wires.

The processing program includes: axle, casing (casting), eye collection, planting hair, flat hair. For the special-shaped industrial brush, the wool can be planted by hand without the end of the planting hair.

The industrial brush and brush roller are widely used in planning, and the selected materials are also different according to the application environment. The categories are rich and cumbersome. The complex analysis is as follows.

Industrial brush application planning:

1. Surface treatment of metal hardware materials.

2. Cleaning and polishing of various industrial products and materials.

3. Surface clearing and grinding of printed circuit boards.

4, the surface of the steel plate shot blasting.

In short, industrial brush rolls are widely used in the metallurgical industry, such as: strip feeding at high temperatures, rough surface treatment, surface removal, scale removal, sheet polishing, etc.

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