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How to choose high quality industrial brushes, quality that must be possessed by high quality indust

Release date:2019-05-17

Different choices are made according to the material of the machine. Because there are many types of brushes, the degree of hardness is different, which determines that they are suitable for industrial machines of different materials.

Common industrial products, such as glass, machinery, leather, etc., must be made of industrial brushes of different materials. Otherwise, it will cause different levels of damage to industrial products. High-quality industrial brushes are available in different specifications in terms of hardness and hardness. In the process of producing brush, regular manufacturers have a clear functional classification of the division of brush materials.

Select a quality industrial brush, you can first understand the manufacturer's brush type and material division.

The most widely used material is nylon, which is mainly used for cleaning chemical products such as industrial and agricultural products before packaging.

Because of its good hardness, the brush material of steel wire is generally used in the ore industry, especially for polishing and polishing materials such as marble and ceramic tiles, granite, etc., to make the stone more smooth and delicate. Remove uneven texture from the surface.

The hardness is slightly lower. The brush made of the abrasive wire of Emery is generally used in the hardware industry or the steel refining industry. The rust is treated on the steel plate, and the burrs just cut are polished. At the same time, the material of the hardware is polished and mirrored, which are commonly used in industry.

The choice of materials used in different industries is definitely different. This is also a must for high-quality industrial brushes.

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