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Terms of the transaction 


The terms of these trading conditions apply to the sale of products offered to you by a shopping network. These terms may be amended from time to time.

2. Pricing and availability

Pricing and availability of the product are indicated on the website. Such information is subject to change without any notice. The price shown for each item includes VAT (according to China's standard rate). The delivery fee will be billed separately and will vary depending on the shipping method you choose. In the event of an accident, after confirming your order, due to price increases caused by supplier price increases, tax changes due to changes in tax amount, or price changes due to website errors, the site will notify you by email or phone. If the site does not cancel the order, let you decide whether to cancel the order.

3. Delivery

This site will send the product to your designated shipping address. All shipping times listed on the website are estimated based on the availability of the product, the normal processing and delivery time.

4. Invalidity of the terms and conditions

If for any reason these parts of the Terms and Conditions are not enforceable, the validity of the other terms and conditions will not be affected. The terms of this transaction apply only to the self-operated items of a shopping network. If you are shopping together, the resulting product disputes or service disputes will be resolved by the corresponding mall company.

Purchase process 

Method 1 of purchase: cash on delivery

China Post delivers the goods to the door. After the inspection, China Post collects the payment.

Method 2 of purchase: Alipay payment

Contact QQ: Alipay account number:

Method 3: Payment to delivery

1. Look at the goods first;

2. First contact us directly in the following ways to order inquiry;

Huizhou Yongchangxing Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: No.1, Wanxing Village, Tangxian Production Trail, Xinyi Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou City

Mobile: 13691802805

Phone: 0752-3334856

Fax: 0752-3334806

Business leader: Mr. Hu


3. After the inquiry, determine the required goods, and remit them to the specified address or bank account by price (including postage).

4. After the post office or bank remittance, keep the remittance slip and contact us; if the online bank remittance, please inform us of the remittance amount and remittance date;

5. We will ship to you within 1 working day after confirming the remittance.

6. Payment account:

Shipping instructions 

1. Transportation area

    No matter where you are, you can enjoy the service of this station as long as you receive the goods at the receiving place.

  2. Estimation of transportation time

    Depending on the far-distance method you choose, the shipping time will be different, and the normal mailing time will be relatively slower.

  3. Calculation of transportation costs

    If you buy more than one item at a time and place it in one order, we only calculate the full price for one item, and the other items calculate the shipping rate.

    In addition, it should be noted that when transporting, the cost is usually calculated based on the weight of the goods, so when I calculate the transportation cost on the website,

    We did the corresponding conversion. We have carefully considered the choice of transportation channels and will try our best to ensure the quality of transportation while keeping the quality low.

    Shipping costs to maximize customer benefits. The company promises free shipping for all kinds of industrial brush products over 200 yuan!

  4, holiday transportation instructions

    Holiday transport delay

  5, the station mentioned the goods time:

    The arrival time of the item you purchased depends on the following factors:

   Arrival time = arrival time + merchandise delivery time + delivery in transit time

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