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Huizhou Yongchangxing Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating production, research and development, processing and processing of various industrial brushes. Main business: cleaning brush for the robot industry. "Yongchangxing" is a registered trademark of our company and is a well-known brand of Guangdong Maoji. The meaning of "Yongchangxing" is based on the spirit of the Olympic Games, which is the pursuit of (faster, higher, stronger) as the corporate culture. Committed to building the first brand of Guangdong hair brush, set a model for the brush industry.

After years of hard work and hard work, it has become a large-scale brushing enterprise that plays a leading role in the brush industry. Huizhou Yongchangxing Technology Co., Ltd. is a global strategic partner of China's listed companies. Satisfaction is our pursuit!

The main products are: brush, precision inner hole treatment brush, wire wheel, precision twisted wire brush, workbench brush, A-motor CNC punch table brush, industrial brush, plastic brush, strip brush, copper wire brush , test tube brush, pipe brush, bottle brush, copper wire brush, pass brush, cervical brush, cleaning brush, inner hole grinding brush, threaded hole cleaning brush, wire brush, air conditioning pipe brush. . . . . Prompt delivery, reasonable price, Yongchangxing products have undergone strict QC inspection, and implement QA quality assurance.

Welcome to the sample processing and custom-made brush, the company provides OEM production, sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, study, negotiate business.

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